Obama, the shady moneymen, press politics and Corporate America

Apparently, some of Barack Obama’s long standing financial backers have some rather strange connections with a Middle East businessman. Now, it may all be nothing to do with Mr Obama himself, but he has reportedly written letters on behalf of one of these people to gain favour with officialdom and been in receipt of land, loans and a favour or two.

So, if Obama wasn’t acting against the law himself, was he greedy, ill-advised, naive, stupid, or just inexperienced? There certainly seems to be some very strange goings on going on. As someone trained in spotting potential money laundering, the arrangement between the backer and the source of funds is typical of those we are encouraged to look into in the world of finance.

What I find strange is that when googling for “Obama mistake” one of the best sources of information is not a US newspaper, but a UK one, The Times.

Why is the US press giving Obama such a soft ride? It reminds me of the soft ride George W Bush got in the run up to his second term of office, and we all know now that was a mistake: if the press had asked more searching questions and acted as journalists, rather than as a political support machine maybe the US and the world would not have gotten into so much of a mess over the last 4 years.

I mean, who has gained from the invasion of Iraq? The only Western establishments that have benefitted have been the oil companies with the high oil prices giving them massive new profits, and companies like Dick Cheney’s old firm Haliburton who gained millions from new Army contracts for support services.

The cost? Osama bin Laden is still at large in Afghanistan/Pakistan where he has been since before the invasion of Iraq; the Iranian President, Ahmed I’m-a-dinner-jacket, can drive from Baghdad airport and walk in the streets outside the high security Green Zone that Georgie’s boys are helicoptered into and out of on PR visits to US bases and other places in Iraq; President Hugo Chavez has enough money from huge oil prices to throw his weight around in Latin America, threaten Colombia and fund the FARC and who knows what else, Americans around the world are pretty much disliked everywhere they go (at least they report to feeling very unwelcome in most countries they visit – and I mean Western countries here); the US dollar continues to fall; inflation is rising, causing interest rates to rise which causes house prices to come crashing down and bring the sub-Prime scandal into the harsh light of day.

So, the US press needs to ask more questions before they adopt a favourite (he certainly does that Big Speech well, doesn’t he?) as they seem to have done here. Obama might be the sound-bite kid, but it’s supposed to be a free press not the PR department for Corporate America. Real journalism seems to have become marginalised, subsumed by corporate greed.

And that can’t be good for anyone.


2 comments on “Obama, the shady moneymen, press politics and Corporate America

  1. Why do I get the feeling this is a slow burning ember? I’ll give it two years into his presidency, THEN the press will begin probing about his past.

  2. The US Media is almost exclusively Republican owned or influenced if you ask me. The fact that Obama has had such an easy time of it with them seems more a result of Republican Hillary-loathing than from support for Obama. Obama’s enjoyment of his racial origins will give him an advantage in the Primaries, but will be a disadvantage in the Nationals IMO.

    The sad thing is that the Democratic dream ticket of Hillary and Obama running together has been subsumed to Obama’s ambition. But in North West Africa, particularly Somalia and Kenya where Obama’s father is from, the culture is that women are the property of men, mere chattels, and it would probably be far too much to expect Obama to ever agree to work underneath one. Obama is young enough to be Vice-President first, and then President next; Hillary probably isn’t. But Obama cannot countenance that.

    So, instead of working together to attack the Republicans all year, they are wasting their funding and energy destroying each other and allowing the Republican candidate to appear “Statesmanlike” through indulging in foreign trips to see World Leaders.

    This is not the way to get a Democrat elected to President.

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