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Sometimes, you can want something too much

Sometimes, you can want something too much. And for the wrong reasons?

It wasn’t just Lewis Hamilton’s fault. He is, after all, a rookie. A supremely talented rookie, but still a rookie. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that. The team are not though and they should have known better. Any climber will tell you the place where you make the most mistakes, where you are most likely to fall, isn’t near the bottom, it’s near the top – just when your goal seems to be already within your reach.

Why did the team leave him out for so long on a fast deteriorating tyre? One can only surmise that they have finally had enough of the interminable pressure they have been put under this year from the Ferrari inspired FIA witch hunt. They so wanted the nightmare to be over that it seems that they went for the win at all costs, throwing caution to the wind. They, and perhaps Lewis too, wanted to do their talking on the track, more than anything, perhaps they really wanted to “give it to them.”

Never mind that Lewis was losing so many seconds per lap to nearly everyone else; never mind that Lewis’ car was sliding all over the place; never mind that Lewis had already been off the track in a couple of places; never mind that Lewis has already lost points to one puncture this year; never mind that he didn’t absolutely need to win the race to win the Championship; never mind that Alonso was still behind him by quite a margin; never mind that Raikkonen, even if he finished in first, couldn’t catch up enough with Lewis on points to win the Championship if Lewis settled for a lower place in this one; never mind that McLaren as a team have been in this position of being just points away from winning the Championship dozens of times before.

Would the rain come now, or later? Would Lewis need one or two more pit stops? What should they do? The team froze. And Lewis slid off on a too hot approach to the pit lane, the same tyre that punctured earlier in the year punctured again today.

My Dad used to tell me “Remember, discretion is the better part of valour”. Sometimes you can want something too much…


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