Blocher’s Swiss mainstream “Nazis” want Israeli policy of collective punishment

Why is it that with so many lawyers in political jobs these days mainstream politicians in the major powers fail to see the dangers of setting a precedent or allowing one to be set? If the principle behind Israel’s collective punishment of the families of Palestinians thought by them to be terrorists had been soundly condemned at the UN, rather than being allowed to continue because of the US veto, then it would not now be possible for Switzerland’s mainstream ultra-right wing, anti-immigrant party, Christoph Blocher’s Schweizerische Volks Partei (Swiss People’s Party) to be pushing the very same principle in the current election campaign.

Blocher’s near-Nazi SVP idea is that any immigrant or non-Swiss who commits a crime, benefit fraud or other “bad thing” will be expelled from Switzerland. Not only that person, but their entire family and dependents too! That’s exactly the same as the Israeli policy of demolishing the homes of relatives of terrorists. Well, people they call terrorists anyway just like the German’s in the Second World War called the French Resistance fighters terrorists.

But this post isn’t intended as a criticism of Israel, they have a right to exist and to set laws. They are after all a democracy, albeit one that has determined that a single racial group must be and remain dominant for ever more as the holders of power over all the land of Israel.

This isn’t a criticism of Christoph Blocher, the millionaire leader of the SVP, either. Just because he as Justice Minister sacked the state prosecution chief who didn’t agree with his policies doesn’t mean he’s a monster. He is just pushing a policy to purify Switzerland so that it contains once again only one single racial group that must be and remain dominant for ever more.

Ironic, isn’t it? The near Nazi and the Jewish State, allied in action and intent if not in name.

Weak people and weak States will always attack a minority and blame them for their misfortunes. In all honesty I cannot really blame the two creatures for acting completely in character. But I can, and do, blame those politicians with influence that have so little vision that they cannot see 5, 10, 20 years into the future. The actions they allow their friends to adopt now will be the same actions they will want to criticise in the future when they are adopted by someone who is not their friend. And they won’t have a leg to stand on.

A little bit more “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” and a bit less swinging a closed bible around as though you mean to use it but never do wouldn’t go amiss. Religious intolerance. An oxymoron if ever there was one.


5 comments on “Blocher’s Swiss mainstream “Nazis” want Israeli policy of collective punishment

  1. The SVP isn’t pro Nazi… you should first get better informations… then start to write.

  2. The SVP (the swiss people’s party) is not pro Nazi at all… claiming that is simply stupid. It’s just the only conservative party having a certain influence in switzerland, all others are middle or left parties… the extrem-right parties do not have any influence at all.
    I there are any people with a exagerated national attitude supporting the SVP/UDC… that might be possible. But still, journalism is about “first get informations, then write” – not vice versa.

  3. I take it you are a Swiss supporter of the SVP. That would explain your view of the pro-business anti-Union FDP party or the Family Values centric church supporting and supported CVP party as being “centrist” or “leftist.”

    Are you on the Blocher or Schmid wing of the party? Herr Schmid represents the old, traditionally country dwelling, West Switzerland based and more acceptable public face of the SVP, but the billionaire Blocher wing are moving in and taking control. It is the direction they are going in, the means they use to publicise themselves, and the actions they take that identifies them as being on the far-right of the political spectrum.

    Let’s face it, that infamous Black Sheep poster showing three white sheep kicking the black sheep out of Switzerland was racially provocative, and would be illegal in most democracies.

    Of course, there are many people voting for the SVP who are quite normal, respectable people. I know this. The trouble is, they are voting on the headlines, not on the real facts. I believe few people are looking at the future consequences of a steadily growing and more powerful racist right wing.

    Blocher is galvanising public opinion through fear and greed. Just like the Nazis in the 1930s. Everybody forgets they came to power through an election, worked in a coalition until their power was consolidated, attacked a small minority who few people cared much about, and then…

    Are you really sure you are not going to repeat history?

  4. Blocher is a nazi, and there’s no other word for it. They who argue he’s not, are obviously at least quasi-nazis. His propaganda minister, Moergeli, is just another Goebbles.

    When a political party in such a rich country blames the foreigners for
    increase in crime and all the terrible suffering of the Swiss, that party is totally nazi. All their propaganda goes as far as it can to avoid legally being accused of fascism.

    But I think that Blocher’s fascism is a new version, that fits these times: it’s against poor foreigners. If you happen to have plenty of money, no matter where you’re from, you’re very welcome to live in Switzerland. So it’s not pure racism, at least as we knew it.

    A reminder to the rich foreigners in Switzerland: in case of changes in the future, you and your money might suffer the same fate as that of the Jews during Hitler. All thanks to Blocher and Moegeli and those that vote for them (fortunately only 29% of Swiss).

  5. Well, I wouldn’t use such strong language but I do understand how strongly you feel.

    I think Switzerland is lucky to have such a strong system of democracy, in which the people who do worry about the Albanian clan crime have someone to vote for as well as the hardcore hotheads who have an ideological basis for voting one way or another. With proportional representation, they can make protest votes like this without worrying too much about one particular party gaining absolute power.

    Already Blocher has been voted off the ruling cabinet because he was “spoiling Switzerland’s image abroad” so again the people’s democracy wins again. Well, democracy with a little help from bloggers perhaps!

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