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CNN Political Ticker pulls post “Americans are getting fatter and dumber”

Why? Because people agreed with it? Or because they didn’t attack it?

You can see here the post no longer exists. It was just quoting a Democratic candidate saying how America’s obesity figures had risen, and literacy figures had dropped, but some of the comments were interesting. Mostly cleverly written, but one or two misled or misleading – eg the one claiming the post was just calling Republicans “fatter and thinner” clearly missing the point but confusing the dumb. Another referred to a report which referred to Gen Petraeus as General Betray Us which I thought was a little unfair, just because he was a politically appointed General assigned to support the Bush/Republican position in Iraq doesn’t mean he can’t see the facts: he just reports those that are convenient is all. He’s just another “fatter, dumber American” who wants to do what he has worked out is best for his country – sorry, what he has been told is best. And he would never willingly betray his country.

Most of the comments I read – until the page disappeared from in front of my eyes, half way through a sentence – were supportive or Mr Gravel and his truthfulness. Some got a bit carried away saying it was all a Republican plan to keep more Americans dumber so they wouldn’t ask too many difficult questions, and fatter so they didn’t care they didn’t know, but none of the ones I read justified pulling the post.

But then, aren’t CNN one of the big supporters of the Republican party? To hell with free speech, they don’t really have it in Russia or China, so why in Corporate US?

Mr Gravel said (quoting someone famous) “We Americans get the Government we deserve”. Well, you also seem to get the media you deserve too. Free speech? That’s only for the Constitution! Get real – this is life we’re talking about – it’s different!


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