I could care less…

Wrong! It isn’t “I could  care less” – it’s “I couldn’t care less!” If you miss out the “couldn’t, it actually means you really care a lot… and mostly it isn’t used in this context.

This phrase really annoys me, it is abused so often. It’s a joke. And yet people – mainly Americans right now but I am sure it will spread – people keep on getting it wrong, time after time, in comments, on fora, mostly on the internet.

I could care less… but then I wouldn’t be so passionate about it!


3 comments on “I could care less…

  1. There are so many lazy phrases around especially in teen-speak though I hope Britain’s ‘Am I bovvered’ phase is over. There’s also trash TV’s ‘talk to the hand cos the face ain’t listening (girlfriend)’ and of course the apathy laden ‘whatever’ though mercidully these are not double negatives.

  2. I won’t mention texting spelling on forums, but my pet hate about British English is the “I could of done it” mistake. NOOOO!!! I could HAVE done it!

  3. I completely agree with your argument. Canada has a similar problem eventhough we are a bilingual country. I grew up learning French and Spanish in highschool but I’m still monolingual. I admire the fact most Europeans are bilingual. Unless you are in Quebec, that is not the case in Canada (with the exception of immigrants). I’m currently residing in Quebec and I am currently learning French online at http://www.learntospeakfrenchonline.blogspot.com and determined to become fluent. But I do wish that I had started learning French and Spanish when I was a child. It would have been easier and my life in Quebec less stressfull.

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