Wii Like It!

How can I say this gently… people of my age aren’t supposed to be “Gamers”.

Closest we’re supposed to get is to like playing solitaire at work. Actually, maybe I’ll come back to this blog later – after I’ve had a quick blast on Freecell… No, just joking! I’ve come to the conclusion that Solitaire doesn’t cut the mustard anymore. Why not? I’ve just bought a Wii.

What an amazing thing this is. Since I bought it a couple of days ago at a price far below the prices of the other gaming machines out there (the Sony Playstation 3 and the XBox 360) it’s been played on – most enthusiastically I add – by both my 40+ year old female partner and my two teenage daughters who are usually glued to their Sims game on their Mac. I’ve actually got stiff muscles. From playing on a computer! I’m impressed.

It is said that the graphics on the other two gaming machines is far better than on the Nintendo Wii, but because the Wii’s games are so involving I really don’t notice the lack of detail on the screen. Having to swing a golf club or Tennis racquet and actually connect in the same way as the real equipment does in real life makes for more realism than any semi-perfect virtual image of reality can ever provide.

The trap Sony and Microsoft fell into was believing their virtual reality world was ever going to be a replacement for reality. They became so arrogant about this premise that they just didn’t see the Wii coming. And now Nintendo is outselling both Microsoft and Sony combined in the States…

I can’t believe I ever bought a gaming machine. But then it is a little more than that. Exercise machine, intellectual challenge, social centre when a group of friends get together and play, and a few other things that other gaming machines do too which I have yet to look into. What do we think overall?

Wii Like It!


2 comments on “Wii Like It!

  1. PLUS, theyre bringing back old favorites like The Legend of Zelda & Super Mario Bros … Wii games are targeted at bringing non-gamers to the ring, and I think even if their graphics arent as advanced as xbox 360 or PS3, the upside is that the games are less violent and simply more … fun. Which to me, is the essential point of a “game”

  2. Thanks for your comment Tara, I don’t know much about the old games you mention (the Wii is the very first gaming machine I have even considered) but I think the move away from the death, darkness and destruction genre of game playing will benefit not just individuals, but societies too.

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