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Apple Stokes a Digital Music Standards War

You really have to say this guy hits the nail on the head when it comes to forecasting the future of digital music. It’s a shame only the precis worked as an article, but I just hate that faux friendly folksy meaningless bonhomie that some writers think makes them better writers.

My arse it does.

Original (much longer, but less informative for being so) Business Week article here. I guess they wanted it two pages so they could sell more ads…


One comment on “Apple Stokes a Digital Music Standards War

  1. Hi – I agree that Apples support for DRM free music downloads could leave Microsoft looking very outdated especially as Vista is a platform with lots of DRM control possibilities built in. If further DRM-free movement occurs then Microsoft could look very outdated and much like a large sea going tanker, it would take them a long time to stop and change direction. The AAC format issue is a separate opportunity to further differentiate Apple from the competition and once DRM is removed it gives us all the possibility of seeing AAC playback being added to more music playback devices which at this stage probably wouldn’t hurt Apple’s now dominant portable music playback dominance.

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