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Shadows and Former Glories

I’ve just been sorting through some stuff I bought in the Christmas sales and promptly forgot all about. I stuffed the carrier bags into a corner and only just got curious as to what was inside them. It turns out the bags contained a pile of cheap DVDs and CDs. Who needs digital downloads when CDs are so cheap? I got most of them for a fiver, although the best one I’ve played so far cost £8.97 and it’s brilliant!

Do you remember the Shadows? They were a little before my time, so naturally when I was younger I totally ignored them. Now I’ve got a little more money to splash out (err, yes, I call spending £9 on a CD splashing out – but only because the total bill for all the rest came to about £100!) and so I bought the double CD “The Shadows – Life Story”.

It’s amazing just how many iconic tracks they laid down. Music I’ve heard so many times and not realised it was by the Shadows. Film theme music, incidental music, music for TV adverts, even stuff that must have been played on the Radio without me noticing. And now I’ve got the CD I just can’t believe how good it all is.

Tracks like Apache, Shindig, Wonderful Land, Albatross, Foot Tapper, and loads more – although the cover they did of Jean Michel Jarre was, shall we say – a little in need of improvement? Anyhow, I got 45 tracks for £9 which makes it 20p per track. And record companies won’t give up DRM in case they lose money? At these prices I’ll keep on buying stuff from them on CD permanently. Who wants pirate copies? Who needs the hassle?


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