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Britain’s Internet hangs by a thread

This story reported on PC Pro’s website made me think a bit. Apparently Al Qaeda wanted to blow up London’s Telehouse facility, which reportedly carries most of the UK’s internet traffic.

Excuse me? So Britain doesn’t have a communications system that would be immune to a nuclear strike or other attack, as the internet was first conceived to guard against? Instead of a “net” we have a – thread?

I think most people expected we had a strong system of several nodes that can stream traffic in whichever way is best for efficiency. I thought if we had an outage in one area, other nodes would take over and communications would be secured.

But no, it appears that the government in its wisdom believes the best way for the UK to run its internet service is to concentrate all resources through a single point in Docklands. Which is crazy. Which is why Al Qaeda wanted to bomb it.

So, get used to it. Other countries have an internet. In Britain it’s just the interthread. Snip.


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