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Why aren’t MacBooks Blue?

You’ve probably noticed you can get iPod Nanos in many different neon-like colours. Now you can even get iPod shuffles in brilliant colours. Heck, even the Microsoft Zune comes in bright, err, brown.

Looking at cars, most women I know haven’t got a clue what make of car their friends drive, but they do know what colour they are. They can’t tell the sound of a V8 from a straight 6, but they do remember colour. We men aren’t immune either: not for nothing is the most popular car colour silver. Well, after red, blue and white of course.

So, what about computers? Apple laughs at the tired old beige boxes that PCs represent – but then only sell MacBooks in White. Or Black. That’s it – there is no iPod halo effect here. Colours are completely missing from the picture, even though the polycarbonate case of a MacBook lends itself perfectly to colour coordination.

With today’s fast injection moulding processes, the case could easily be custom coloured as an optional extra, and to fit in with all those Graphic Designer types that use Apples all the time for their work, perhaps they could launch a range that use the standard Pantone colours! Hey, you could buy a set of laptops in your own company colours.

Anyway, my girlfriend wants a blue one. She doesn’t know it yet, but if it were blue she might even forget it’s a Mac which she doesn’t understand. She happily reboots her Windows PC 5 or 6 times each day, but won’t make (can’t make) the switch to Mac completely as it is too different for her. One day she’ll have to leave Windows 98 behind though, and I don’t fancy having to pick up the pieces of Vista reinstalls…

So, c’mon Steve, bring us a range of coloured MacBooks. I’ll be blue if you don’t…


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