Tony Blair’s Band is Back!

Tony Blair, current-but-not-for-long UK Prime Minister had a band at University called Ugly Rumours. Now Ugly Rumours has got into the UK Top 20 from download sales alone with an anti-Iraq war song. Based on the catchy tune last made famous by Frankie Goes to Hollywood (I’ve got it on vinyl still) the new track actually makes quite good listening, as well as representing a pop at the Prime Minister for taking us into a needless war.

The song is available in three different flavours from the Indiestore website for £1.50. All profits go to the “Stop the War” coalition. They also seem to be against a nuclear deterrent and have some CND links which I don’t agree with myself, I think the nuclear deterrent was what kept Europe safe from Russia for all those years. Having said that, I think buying a copy of the song itself sends a needed message to the PM that he really shouldn’t be so arrogant. He still hasn’t expressed regret or apologised for the false pretenses under which the war was launched.

My favourite version of the song is the Club version. Reminds me, I must get my old vinyl LPs out and play a few – they seem to be coming back into fashion again. Probably because they aren’t digital and can’t be so easily copied… why else would the music industry release them?


4 comments on “Tony Blair’s Band is Back!

  1. Thanks for the post, after reading it, I went to youtube and watched the video of the song. Its really good but reading the hate comments of many americans I felt sick. I wonder why people like war!

  2. Yeah, the song’s really catchy isn’t it? But I don’t know which comments you mean – I haven’t seen any hatemail from Americans on the You Tube site or anywhere else related to the song…

  3. I agree that song is good, the music is perfect and then message is great. I typed in google video the song’s title and landed from there to youtube video, there was some guy said that they (group) favor terrorism and an attack on American’s security. Probably for some its ignorance but for me it sounds more hate than ignorance. One can be ignorant if one he does not know whats going on this world. But we have media, internet, still if we think like this then we are not ignorant, then we mean and haters. We only live in our nest and promote/favor war and hate all those who want to stop war, thats what I mean hateful comments.

  4. Ignorance leads to a lot of bad things. Add in some aggression and the certainty of being religiously correct and you have a dangerous mix. Isn’t it strange how many religions say “Thou shalt not kill” yet sponsor so many wars about which religion is correct… then there are those who make money from war, and the politicians who glory in it. Sad.

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