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3G makes me Sick!

Well, not me personally – at least not that I know of, but a 2003 study (pdf) conducted by the Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) found people exposed to radio fields from 3G base stations experienced nausea, tingling sensations and dizziness.

Most experiments in Universities rely on students of said Institutions as subjects. This is particularly true of psychology experiments, but also of many other science experiments. But nobody asks these students if they had a joint recently. Not even in Amsterdam. But I digress.

This Dutch study has naturally affected the acceptance of 3G as a new phone technology, so the carriers must have breathed a sigh of relief when their own study, began in 2002, gave different results.

Mitsubishi Chemical Safety Institute carried out the study for Japan’s three largest carriers: NTT DoCoMo, KDDI and Softbank Mobile. They subjected cells in the laboratory to broadly similar radiation to that which 3G base stations emanate, only ten times stronger. They found that the cells were unchanged by the 96 hour radiation exposure, meaning living near a 3G mobile phone mast is safe.

That’s all very well, but did the cells suffer from nausea, tingling sensations and dizziness? That’s what we want to know!

You can imagine the lab right now – a line of white coated scientists get their pads ready as a stream of body cells roll past them on a conveyor belt in Petri dishes. The first scientist says “Just nod when you are asked a question to which the answer is yes.”

The second scientist asks “Do you feel sick?”

The third scientist asks “Do you have any tingling sensations?”

The fourth scientist queries “Do you suffer from dizziness?”

Of course, it wasn’t really like this; after all, cells can’t nod! You have to ask them a direct question – everyone knows that…


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