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A Really Smart Phone

I’ve resisted ANY kind of mobile phone for years. Then my girlfriend bought me one that could do phone calls and SMS texts, but I hardly ever used it for texting because it was so hard to type with one thumb.

I know a lot of people love their own choice of Smart Phones, but I never saw the point: they were unbelievably complicated, and when they had a seperate keyboard it was useless for my grown-up fingers to operate efficiently. They were also rather fat and heavy to carry around.

So I never bought one. The Apple iPhone is the first “more-than-a-phone” handset I’ve wanted, and it really is the first one to deserve the name “Smart Phone”. It’s got so many great new things and ways to do stuff, I even believe I’ll be able to work out how to use it – just like talking to the kids all I need do is wave my fingers about!

Mobile phone contracts on the other hand will be an altogether more difficult problem. Why do they have to be so darn’ complicated?


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