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When will Tony Go?

May 2007.

That’s the tenth anniversary of his election to power. He wants to be the first Labour leader to be in power for a decade, and I guess he’d also like to beat Maggie Thatcher’s term too. On that matter, I suspect Gordon has some thoughts. Short ones, rather like “No”.

But is Tony’s addiction to the job good for Britain? Whenever we need some leadership, he’s away on holiday. Remember that spell he was in the US for what seemed like weeks just when we needed him? And wasn’t there a fuss this week when we all wanted to hear his views on the namecalling at the Saddam hanging, when we wanted just once to find the man had enough spine to stand up against George Bush and say “it was distasteful.” Instead we got a very strong statement from Gordon. Tony of course was rumoured to be overseas again. Apparently avoiding his responsibilities cronying up with his future billionaire paymasters somewhere cosy.

It’s really sickening to see. If the Labour party don’t kick him out soon, we really should get rid of the Labour Party. But we don’t have any say in that for, what, two years? Britain is a democracy after all (that’s irony, by the way).

Anyway, as both major political parties are pretty much identical, would voting Conservative really make any difference? I don’t think so.

In the current system, the winning party only gets about 40% of the vote if that, and not everyone eligible to vote votes in the first place. If 60% of voters actually do so, and 40% of them vote for the winners that makes a representation rate of just 24%. A system of proportional representation in which the government would be formed from representatives of more than 50% of the population is well overdue, would increase representation and thereby ensure far fewer people’s opinions were ignored.

At the moment, whoever wins, Sir Humphrey Appleby remains in charge. The civil service really runs things in the UK which is why there is so much centralisation, and not enough moving with the times. The civil service doesn’t like change. It’s full of talented, clever people who I really admire, but all their efforts seem to be aimed at ensuring the status quo is maintained. But doesn’t stability lead to atrophy?

Anyone would think the world wasn’t constantly changing. Well, in Tony’s case it won’t. At least, not until May, anyway.


One comment on “When will Tony Go?

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