In Betweeny

So this is a blog? I’m in my fifth decade and now I’m a blogger. Not that I understand all the jargon yet. But then, most of my friends don’t even have personal email accounts yet… or they’re not telling me! 😀

The problem with being my age is being an “in-betweeny” – neither a baby boomer, nor a child of the sixties. Just something in between, an observer from below and above of two of the twentieth century’s most influential generations.

And can’t they make a mess of things? Hmm… Schadenfreud. You into that? Might get a bit now and then. Irony? Certainly. Satire? Hopefully. Sense? What’s sense? I’ll try and make some sense, but I give no guarantees. I work too late for that.



2 comments on “In Betweeny

  1. Welcome to the blogosphere! I’ll be readin’ ya!

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Rhea, I hope my writing lives up to your expectations!

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